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Farm & Table

What is better than your favorite home-cooked meal? Maybe one that is made from ingredients just outside the window with a backdrop of a multicolor sunset and conducted from an award-winning chef. Farm and Table restaurant is a staple of Los Ranchos in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Rest assured, your time and your appetite will be completely satisfied here. 

When you're enjoying your meal and the fine selection of wines and local beers, it's a common case that you may forget the absolute artistry that was presented in the first place. That's why we love capturing the magic before it serves it's purpose. Taking photos of the carefully crafted dishes and hand selected libations is one way we can capture the moment so that it is always remembered. Farm and Table is an exceptional place and we are happy to have worked with them to showcase their atmosphere and look forward to many more tasty shots in the future. 

For more information about Farm and Table or to make reservations for a delightful evening please visit their website at  https://farmandtablenm.com/

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