JAK Media & Concept Flux


So local.


Phillip Torres

Wears a lot of hats and plays a lot of roles in the company, charming with great wit, still dreams in technicolor, known to furrow his brow on set. El Meistro.

“Anything as long as it comes with a warm sopapilla.”



Austin Madrid

socks generally match, likes his woman clothed and his coffee topless, glasses endlessly scratched by viewfinders and carries hardrives like new born babies.

“Green chile chicken stuffed sopapilla, duh.”


Kendra Crooks

wordsmith, awesome scarves, somehow very coordinated despite of being colorblind, cheating death is one of her specialties, loves people.  

“Huevos Rancheros, Baby. Christmas.”


Julie Mowrey

owns a fair amount of turtle necks, known to yell, source of her laughter still remains elusive, exaggerates often, a narrative ninja and smarter than all of us.

”Breakfast burritos as long as they come with copious amounts of chile.”